Belize’s Newest San Pedro, Belize Resort

Belize’s Newest San Pedro, Belize Resort

agosto 27, 2021 Resort News


A sigh of satisfaction escapes our lips as we look at the freshly cleaned rooms we just prepared. Sunset Caribe, It’s the newest resort in Belize on the island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The warm sunlight, pouring in through the triple-paned window, bathes the room in a golden hue that almost whispers an ethereal feeling. We stop for a moment and appreciate the modern, sleek design of the room. The deep walnut finish on the Belizean-made cabinets flows seamlessly with the quartz countertop and the high-end stainless-steel appliances that glisten like jewels in the contemporary kitchen. The kitchen flows into a cozy dining room ideal for intimate dinners, either homemade or served up from our crowd-pleasing restaurant.

A neutral palette of inviting textures and colors invites you to lounge in the plush comfy sofas while you read, watch TV or choose to gaze at clouds that idly drift by in the sky on Ambergris Caye. A final walk-through of the bedrooms to ensure everything is perfect and ready for our guests, smoothing out imaginary creases on the freshly laundered bedding and fluffing the hypo-allergenic down pillows one last time. The artwork on the white walls of the Sunset Caribe explodes with tropical colors. One can’t help but be distracted by the views calling to you through the windows in each room and a glance in the master bathroom to appreciate the reflective glass tiles in the shower that mimics the sand and water on the shore just outside these doors. The hand basins that remind us of sea glass washed up on shore sits atop of a mid-century piece echoing the finishes in the kitchen.

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Not a spec or smudge is on the double doors of the master bedroom to hinder the breathtaking view; we made sure of it. As the doors swing open, our faces are tickled by the soft breeze drifting off the bay on this San Pedro Belize Resort. We step onto the private balcony overlooking the sparkling pool below, surrounded by a natural pine deck. The deck is spotted cheerfully from above with striking navy-blue umbrellas, just perfect for sipping a signature Caribbean cocktail. The calm and tranquil bay dotted with mangrove-laden islands is stretched out as far as the eye can see. The peaceful waters are the perfect setting for those who want to paddleboard, go kayaking or whiz about on a Jet Ski. However, your adventure doesn’t have to end here. You are just a boat ride away from exploring exotic ancient Mayan ruins, treks through the rain forest, or a refreshing tube ride down the Belize River through caves dominated by stalactites and stalagmites. You are just a short flight away from experiencing the wildlife on a night tour at the Best Little Zoo in the world. Be sure to ask about our convenient packages, you’ll save some time planning.

Sunset Caribe Resort on San Pedro island offers you endless possibilities for the best vacation you will ever have. Our friendly team has ensured your rooms are ready and waiting. Step into San Pedro island in Belize and let the adventure begin at our resorts.

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